Prestige Caregiving Agency 

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Our mission

Our primary goal is to help individuals maintain a familiar lifestyle in the comfort of their own home and by providing compassionate, loving caregivers and companions. Providing conveniently affordable safe and excellent quality care.

We are committed in alleviating the responsibilities in life restriction but focus entirely on their health and management. Also, participating in care planning gives an opportunity towards maintaining or regaining their optimal level of health and have more meaningful life.

We are committed to the physical, emotional, psychological, social aspects and welfare of our clients, with compassion, kindness, respect, love, patience and understanding. We offer healthcare in the comfort of your home. We ensure that the care service delivered is flexible, attentive, and respectful to each client’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfillment, and the ability to make informed choices. 

Office: (424) 275-4058